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Health is a state of movement.
Movement is quality of life.
Life is fun.

You are here because you are in pain or you don’t seem to reach your full performance potential. A joint or tendon hurts from working out or exercising, or maybe from a slip on the mountain or fall off a bike, a muscle in your lower back is tight or your shoulders stiffen up when sitting too long.
It may feel like something is blocked and there is too much tension somewhere, or it feels like you are working against resistance in your own body…

If this pain is keeping you from enjoying life and moving freely, it's time to take action to be active!
This is how we help

Collaboration is key

With 30+ years of experience, our team collaborates closely with each other and with our network of specialists. All of our physios come armed with years of practical experience, theoretical knowledge, empathy, intuition and a wide variety of sporting backgrounds. We want you to feel completely at ease in our relaxed and interactive space where we'll work on your healing together.

If this pain is keeping you from enjoying life and moving freely, it's time to take action to be active!
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Our techniques

The goal is to keep you active, to keep you moving! Sometimes, due to injury, the activity level needs to be adjusted.

Functional Movement Assessment

Dry Needling

Manual Therapy

Mobility Training

Muscle Activation

Exercise & Rehabilitation

Shockwave Therapy



What our clients say
Margie applied an excellent mix of active physiotherapy and guided exercises I had to perform. In addition, Margie, through her outstanding people skills, was able to bring back my positive attitude and to stimulate in me an active, cautious, positive dealing with the injury.

And today, I can run again and I am gradually increasing the level of my hiking activities.
Arthur - 11 July 2019
What our clients say
Having suffered acute back pain all my life aggravated by prolonged cancer treatment and related side effects, Mark's attention in both a professional and personal capacity is unrivalled. His knowledge of the body and ability to isolate the affected areas and release them is exceptional. I can honestly say his capability as a physio has raised the bar to a new level and would recommend him to anyone serious about their treatment .
Ariela Kuper - Founder & Director Solution Strategists Pty Ltd

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