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Our collaborative team draws on our arsenal of physiotherapy techniques and our broad network of specialists to find the best course of action for you. Our main aim is to get you back to doing what you love, as fast and as safely as possible.

Every patient is Unique

By finding the reasons that could be contributing to your problem, we focus on treating the system rather than just the source of your pain.

Our vision is to provide you with a space for free movement and interaction. Pain-free and unrestricted movement is essential for well being and our practitioners are specialised in helping you attain your goals. Our professional and knowledgeable approach focuses on your personal needs. Our methods are scientifically based and supported by 36 years of experience. We are proud to offer a holistic treatment approach which draws from the sciences of podiatry, chiropractic, movement analysis, and strength and mobility training to gain lasting results.

We use the following techniques

Functional Movement Assessment

Every activity or sport has its own unique movement repertoire. Optimization of movement patterns and sequencing allow us to move more efficiently and most importantly, reduce the risk of injury due to system overload.

As Physiotherapists, we isolate a few basic movements and look for restrictions, deficiencies or imbalances. Then we extrapolate how these areas of weakness may contribute to injury or to decreased performance in your activity or sport.

For this, we apply a ‘Total Systems Approach’ drawing on the concepts of ‘Spiral Dynamics’ and ‘Fascial manipulation’

Dry Needling and Trigger Point Therapy

An overloaded or injured muscle attempts to maintain some sort of control by producing trigger points, or areas of extreme contraction and energy storage. This means the muscles cannot move freely or respond adequately to a load.

These area-specific trigger points can cause localised or referred pain. An accurately placed needle ( we use very thin acupuncture needles) into the offending trigger point will cause a twitch response, a reduction of pain-sensitive tension in the system and thus a diminishing of local and referred pain.

Effective dry needling is based on a good understanding of how trigger points relate to pain syndromes, movement dysfunction or postural imbalances.

Manual Therapy

This literally means “hands-on “ therapy. It includes massage, myofascial mobilization, mobilizations with movement (MWM), fascial manipulation (FM), trigger point therapy and exercises with mobilizations.

It is all about changing the tension in the dysfunctional neuromuscular system around a joint. This ideal tension/contraction relationship is then reinforced through activation of the Movement Control System to create Lasting positive Changes and Movement Awareness.

Mobility Training

Life is about balance.

Our lives are very forward dominant, our torso and limbs rotating inward and towards the Centre. The muscles and structures responsible for this are often shortened and tightened, the opposing muscles which pull our limbs and trunk backward and outward are often weak and long.

To enhance our mobility, we need to lengthen and strengthen the short tight muscles and strengthen the long weak muscles.

Come, we’ll show you….

Muscle Activation

This technique is grounded in the disciplines of kinesiology, energy systems and fascial movement models.

It addresses how moods, emotions, nutritional and structural and postural stressors affect the inherent muscle functionality. This technique literally aims to activate muscles to “fire” properly, allowing them to work more effectively.

Exercise and Rehabilitation

Movement  = Exercise

Why move?
Mobility, flexibility, blood flow, joint wellness, breathing, strength gain… all equals pain reduction; and…it makes you feel good!

We also use exercise to treat injuries and to speed up recovery. Self management: You will be taught how to perform them properly and safely… and you can do them at home.

Shockwave Therapy

This is such a great tool which, combined with the above therapy modalities, promotes localised healing in injured muscles, joint capsules and specifically tendons.


Modalities like Interferential currents, ultrasound, TENS, electro stimulation of muscle and nerve Make up this treatment technique and their use is based on the requirements of the injury.


We have a great team of movement experts whose main goal it is to understand injuries, how they are caused and how to manage them effectively. This understanding, coupled with a firm knowledge of the science involved, comes from having treated thousands of active sportspeople and using that experience to give good solid advice to clients who have certain athletic or lifestyle goals.

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