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Nicol Vermeulen

I love working with people and enjoy helping them to achieve their best...

I am a physiotherapist (BSc physiotherapy from Stellenbosch University) who loves unraveling the biomechanical causes of injury and decreased performance. I also achieved a BSc Hons in High Performance Sport and worked as a strength and conditioning coach at school and club rugby level. I believe in the right balance of deep muscle, tendon and joint mobilizations coupled with a good strength, mobility and performance training program.

I am a keen fitness enthusiast with a slight caffeine addiction. On weekends you will most likely find me on  the promenade with my dog/child, Zeus my English bulldog.

Special interests:

Sports injuries... why did you get injured? How can we keep you from getting injured?

Injury rehabilitation... now let’s fix it! And make you strong!

Return to sport/work... be better/ stronger/ more resilient

Knee injuries

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